Ascension: Living A Spiritual Life


     A spiritual life can be experienced on earth while in a physical body by living a life in harmony with God's Will.   By following more closely the universal laws God created we make life more enjoyable.   Some of the main keys to creating a life that works for everyone is to: Love as you wish to be loved...   Think of others as you wish to be thought of...   Talk with and treat  people as you would like them to be with you...  Be the gift,  be present! 

    To raise up your vibration and to reach ascension (enlightenment) there are other doorways that are only opened  by the clear intent of your heart.  Love with all of your heart, mind, body and soul...   Love yourself and all of creation...  If you can dream it you can create it, don't give miscreations another thought.  Free your soul of negative emotions and thought forms and  attain union with your higher self.   Allow God's loving energy to radiate from within...  One must  begin to open up the heart in order to allow transformation to take place.  You will find that your life lessons are  very much connected to what your true purpose is, which will be revealed to you once transformation has begun to be experienced.  Your true purpose can not be revealed until the antichrist energies are released and your inner light is re-ignited by The Holy Spirit.  You become aware of your Higher Self,  your I Am Presence (your Christ over-self ) and inner teachers.     To live a spiritual life one  must consciously  move forward and begin releasing the past.  The past binds and keeps people from moving forward.  It is wise to choose love and begin forgiving all...  be willing to let go and let be... (let God)...  Inner life will begin filling with peace as the vibration of love and light flows through the body.   If any negative voices, feelings  or thoughts come to mind, transform them with higher thoughts,  forgive and just let it go.  Teach higher thought patterns to yourself.  You can quiet the mind by moving its attention to a new space, ask God for help, let all those old thoughts and tape recorders play somewhere else, turn the station.  Practice till you can create longer periods of silence... 

    Ascension and realization can take place while you are embodied.  The knowledge that can be received as a spirit when you go to the heavens can be received while you are still embodied on Earth.  Asking God for a renewed Mind can  connect your mind through your heart and soul to higher realms of consciousness.  Ask that these higher vibrations of love and light flow through your body to make you aware of  the hidden information in your DNA and RNA.  This is sometimes referred to as a state of enlightenment, awakening dormant, sleeping areas within...  When awakened more fully you begin activating your light body.  You can bring your body, mind, heart and soul into balance by healing, clarifying  and opening to  higher dimensions of reality.  We can all ascend, awaken and experience the consciousness within these higher levels and still be embodied on Earth.   By your thoughts and level of consciousness  shall you experience...  It always will help to know that you are creating your own reality whether consciously or unconsciously and attracting your experiences to you.  When you are ready for something new, change your thoughts,  desires and responses.   Reach above all the past cycles you  have created or attracted to you.  

When  bad things happen to you, they are attracted to you for a reason... as a way to awaken you to the facts that there are issues within you (memory markers) that  need healing and lessons pertaining to these happenings that still need to be clarified.  When you clear the issue, you will be free from it and these types of lessons will no longer be attracted to you.  Remember that what you do to another you may also be doing to yourself.   What you judge, your soul may experience itself on some level in the future.  But, mostly we attract issues that will awaken us to forgiving and releasing issues that are still carried within us.  Our DNA still contains all of the past life experiences our soul has experienced, if something still needs to be cleared and understood, it shows up in this life time to allow reparations to be made.  

Choose to attain higher levels of consciousness.   Love yourself and free those you have held captive with your negative thoughts.  When you reach  higher levels of consciousness,  you begin to break most of your ties to the past and break out of  old repetitive cycles.  It is like pushing the eject button and getting rid of the false you and then plugging in your authentic self.   A true creative being begins to emerge. 

      This life time I  feel like I am working on getting comfortable being and living in a body, upgrading it with energy to feed it and lift it so that I am happy and well sustained as I live and breathe upon this earth.  I am beginning to create a light body that my God Self can be manifested on Earth through.   I think creating a full light body is the biggest challenge now. To heal and awaken the body, raise up its vibration, clarify all the DNA strands and activate them fully so that I  become more aware of the whole multi- faceted universe inside.    I am working together with God on re-creating my inner world.   Creating a more balanced state of what many have called Eden. 

    I have come to realize that I am  a creative being.  That God loves me and has always been with me.  Loving myself  fully and really accepting and liking myself and enjoying being me,  has been one of my lessons.  Getting fully into this body and expressing all the joy and love that I am is still sometimes a challenge.   In this lifetime I am a messenger and a teacher.  I have learned to live in this world with God's help and I now truly enjoy being here.  Some days the miscreations and the dramas between so many humans can seem overwhelming but, then I look at the situation through God's eyes and  I know it really is an opportunity, not a disaster.   There really is a safe world, where all live together in harmony, producing beautiful healthy ecosystems with an abundance for everyone.  A world were animals and children flourish.  A beautiful, natural place for all to enjoy.  A place where all are free to express the love that God created them to be. 

I have learned by experience that God is not only outside of us up in heaven somewhere, but inside each and every one of us.  We are a part of the heavens and all of existence is connected with the Beingness that makes up who we are.  

 When reaching within for answers it  is best to use discernment and to only receive from the highest source  available to you.  There are many personalities and levels of  thought inside you that have lost their way.  You do not want to be listening to these beings for your guidance, you want to be the one helping them to transform.  Some of them think that they are helping you when in fact they are misleading you into following their own beliefs of what is best.  Have you ever felt torn in all directions, like a battle of wills was raging inside you? This is them and in some ways they may think they have the right to be you and have their way with you.  Many inner feelings within  do not remember that they are love or even how to express love.  They are too filled with repressed disappointments, hurt, blame, need and anger.  Their love and light codes are too covered up in blankets of darkness and shadows to remember who they really are or why they really came here.   These are the reasons for so much loss to our  healthy and happy lives.   There are different states of consciousness that are available to all people. When a person begins to allow vibrations of thought equal to certain states of  consciousness to enter his mind, the groups associated with these thought forms become attracted to the person and can begin to enter the persons field and enter the mind.       

Many energies with thoughts attached to them exist, including every thought you ever created with your mind.  What we think and feel is very important as to what we attract to us.   We are all capable of helping to transform these thoughts and feelings.  Unknowingly so many have allowed their minds and bodies to fall  prey to unconscious energies that use them to pacify their own addictive cravings.  You could unknowingly be their next host.   This is why inner balance, awareness, looking within and clearing  is so important.  Loving yourself and loving all others seems to repel lower  beings and unhealthy thought forms.  This love begins to transform the ones that choose to stay with you.  That is why it is so important to begin to heal feelings of self- doubt and lowered self- esteem.   Being truly empowered by love and light keeps you from having your world painted by someone other than yourself.  Unknowingly thousands are giving their power away to other entities and states of consciousness.  When these lowered states are in bodies and interacting with others who are not awake and aware,  life can really be filled with dramas and dis-ease.  We all have allowed ourselves to be influenced by others thoughts, beliefs and feelings.  It is time to begin taking back our power.  The one who can help is the one that comes from the highest Source...  God!

     No one knows the future, only probabilities from the level they are reading into.   The future can change anytime by the thoughts, words, actions and choices people make.  The one truth that there is, is that we can create a heavenly,  peaceful and abundant existence here on Earth.  For this to be, we have to choose  this with intent, and all of us have to work on all  levels  to create it.  Everyone is here to make it possible.  Now is the time to make it happen.  The only way to save this planet is to first find peace and balance within yourself. In many ways you are the planet and when you heal and balance so will the planet.  You are interconnected with all life...  as you love, respect and care for all of life you will begin healing yourself.  We came to earth to express the love that we are, to be and experience all states of unconditional love... Remember?  We were created by a divine and loving conscious God.  All of us have the keys to access the divine consciousness created by God and to experience the state of being one with the group of Higher Light Beings that live in the presence of God's love.  Living life and accessing Christ Consciousness (Divine, God Consciousness) is life transforming.  What you think about you attract, so place your mind where you would like to go.  You are the captain of your ship, take charge,  steer the vessel and have a talk with the crew, let them know the new plan.  Then it is up to you to stay on course.  

      You can ascend, awaken and open to higher realms within creation.  You can access higher dimensions and experience the consciousness within.   You can higher your vibration and still be embodied on Earth.  You can bring these vibrations to Earth and re-create your world.  There is a spiritual awakening taking place on Earth.  Many people are experiencing  transformation and the ascension process is taking place within them while they are still embodied on Earth.  What each person experiences is a gift from God.  True spirituality is also only experienced by opening to the Christ energies within and gaining access to the Christ Mind.  This can take place through a gradual process or it can happen almost instantaneously through a gift of transformative light that flushes through the mind and  body,  raising consciousness.   As we all rise up in vibration the old world will fall away...   Love and Light will show the way...  

written by Laura Lynn Scholl    March 2002

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